We focus our efforts on three main services that all have the same objective: to save you time and money.

Real Estate Coaching

This option suits you if you want to sell your property without a real estate intermediary but need to remedy certain gaps. 

We plan a visit to your home and analyze your situation. A valuation of your property and a personalized budget will be delivered to you within 48 hours.

Some examples of what a real estate coach can offer you:

– Write your ad sales. Do you know how to comply with SEO standards and position your ad?

– Photo reports: Do you know how to make a quality photo report, including home staging tips?

– Visits: Do you know how to show your house? Do you know how to interact with a potential buyer?

– Sales Do you know how to negotiate? Do you know the procedures involved in a sale?

If you hire the services of a real estate coach but eventually get tired of handling the sale of your property alone or realize that you do not have the skills to do it, you can let us take care of full management of the sale and we will discount what you already paid from the sales fees .