We focus our efforts on three main services that all have the same objective: to save you time and money.

House hunting

The house hunting service consists of managing the search of your home under an exclusivity agreement: you’ll work with a single agent who gives you access to the entire real estate market without having to go to each agency in Gran Canaria separatly. We offer a local service that adapts to your needs and guides you throught the entire purchase process.

– Definition of the project – Once we define your project and study its feasibility, we establish all the criteria to refine your search (location, price, characteristics, use of the property …)

– Personalized search – We search the whole market for a property that fits your request. We collaborate with other real estate agencies and because we work under mandate we’re also able to expand the search to private ads, banks and auctions.  

– Time saving  – We pre-select properties and organize preliminary visits to make sure that they match your request. This means you don’t waste time visiting homes that aren’t worth it. 

– Visits and final choice  – Once you select the properties you’re interested in we arrange a visit with you. We handle the negotiations, as well as administrative and legal checks.  

– Contracts and closing– We accompany you for the signing of the deposit and purchase agreements before Notary. In case of foreign clients we take care of the translation and legal procedures (NIE, NIF, opening bank account).  

– Post-purchase support  – Once the purchase is formalized, we take care of the tax payments, formalities in the Land Registry, Property Survey Office and Town Hall, changes of ownership and any other relevant procedures (works to be done on the property, for example).


The fees are based on the amount of the transaction and specified in the purchase agreement:
– For a price less than € 120,000: €3,000 
– From €120,001 to €400,000: 3%
– From €400,001 to €600,000: 2%
– For a price higher than €600,000: 1.5%

Fees will be reduced if the property is sold by a professional.
We only collect our fees if we achieve our common goal: find your home.